Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) is a volunteer canine search and recovery organization dedicated to providing agencies with with highly trained canines and handlers to assist in the recovery of missing persons.


News Media Coverage of Bay Area Recovery Canines

While this unit responds as 'anonymous searchers' as our goal is to help the community, families of those missing loved ones, and law enforcement agencies, we sometimes do appear in media. 

  1. 7/8/12 BARC assisted Anne Arundel County FIre Marshals at a fatal fire in Annapolis.  ABC2 News showed K9 Penta outside the residence between searches. It was the first of two fire scenes BARC worked that week.  The 2nd was a warehouse fire in Cambridge for the State Fire Marshals Office.

  2. 11/26/11 BARC is interviewed on the JoAnn Pflug Show in Florida on Seaview Radio to discuss BARC’s activities as well as SAR dogs in general; from how the dogs are trained to what skills the handlers need to have, and to explain SAR teams are mostly all volunteer.  

  3. 10/5/11  BARC handlers and dogs give a demo for Baltimore CBS 13, WJZ, for their story on a missing woman in Aruba.  Shown are two demonstrations - on water looking for a drowning subject as well as on land looking for human remains.

  4. Sept 2011 BARC K9 Red is featured in several news stories focusing on the 9-11 dogs ten years later.  Some of the interviews include: Reuters News (story on Red, video, still pictures) that was picked up by a variety of news websites internationally; DC ABC 7 News; Baltimore ABC 2 news; Baltimore WBAL radio; the Baltimore Sun newspaper; and the national FOX News (live on Sept 8th “Happening Now”).  BARC was honored to be a small part of the massive interagency effort to find the missing from the tragic terrorist attacks that affected so many families.

  5. 8-14-11 BARC K9 Red’s photograph taken by Charlotte Dumas is published in the New York Times Magazine.  The photo is part of her new book “Retrieved” which documents the 9-11 canines still alive ten years after they responded.

  6. Spring 2011 BARC K9s are documented in Nona Bauer’s tenth anniversary edition of her “Dog Heroes of September 11th”.  The anniversary edition has updates by many handlers as well as additional photographs of the dogs.   Find out more about each dog’s career and tributes to their work through the years.

  7. 4/9/11 BARC K9s and handlers are seen in various TV coverage stories of a massive search for a missing teen

  8. 12/23/09  BARC canines locate house fire victim in Annapolis tragedy

  9. 12/23/09  BARC canines assist NCMEC on a NY search for a missing child

  10. The Bay Weekly in August 2009 features a well written story on BARC and The Northshore Report wrote an article about a BARC member

  11. BARC instructs an HRD seminar for Canfield K9 Training in VA.  The local paper dedicates a full page to the seminar, complete with several pictures of dogs working.

  12. Brevard County Sheriff Department's (Florida) Brevard County press release pictured a BARC handler & canine doing water search training at their March seminar

  13. In February 2009 BARC responded to Oklahoma with NCMEC's Team Adam and NecroSearch International, to assist Tulsa Police Department in hopes of locating additional evidence of a missing girl.

  14. (update 6/09) BARC participated in The Learning Channel (TLC) re-enactment for "Personal Justice" to air Feb/March featuring the investigation into Nancy Riggins' disappearance.  Her husband was convicted for her murder.  Thanks to police, family, and friends who never gave up looking for her she was located 11 years after she disappeared .  BARC K9s assisted Howard

  15. County Police in the discovery of her buried remains in Oct 2007. (update 6/09) The episode aired in June 2009 on the Investigation Discovery channel.

  16. 10/29/08 K9 Dino is pictured in the Charlotte Gazette article about training SAR/HRD dogs while attending a class in VA.

  17. 2/13/08 Peggy Johnson, author of the Annapolis Capital's Dog's World newspaper column wrote about BARC's accomplishments.

  18. K9s Red, Alley, and Raven respond to an apartment complex fire on Jan 2, 2008 in Gaithersburg, MD.  The Gazette newspaper covered the search and posted online 26 pictures of the dogs working the debris in their "We Spotted" photo gallery.

  19. 2008 - K9 Alley is one of 15 dogs featured in Marilyn Jeffers Walton's new book "Badge On My Collar".  Alley's chapter tells stories from past searches, from 9-11 at the Pentagon to a buried child to working with archeologists to the Space Shuttle mission to many other searches where Alley responded to help find those who were missing.   

  20. Red is honored by Horse Creek Wildlife who named a new puppy after her as part of their program honoring SAR dogs of 9-11.  Read about their puppy, Red911SearchDogPage.doc.

  21. BARC K9 Red is shown climbing down the ladder at the police training grounds during WRAL's news story on IPWDA Nationals 2007 held in Fayetteville, NC.

  22. BARC participates in Severna Park Library's "Dog Days of Summer" event and appears in the Severna Park Voice newspaper (photo and interview - Sept 6, 2007)

  23. The September 2007 issue of Dog Fancy magazine features Red, a BARC canine, as one of three Hero Dogs in the article "Everyday Heroes: Meet 3 brave dogs who make a difference" by Cherie Langlois.

  24. The story focuses on Red's work after Katrina as well as all her search successes, complete with several photographs.

  25.  A BARC handler and canine were shown on Fox 43 returning to base after searching a PA river for a missing teen April 30, 2007.

  26.  In the Spring 2007 International Police Wok Dog Association Newsletter on the "Members News" page, BARC handler, Heather Roche, and her canines Red & Alley were recognized for their help in locating a missing child in PA.

  27. BARC assisted LASAR in a Florida water search in July 2006. 

  28. On June 17, 2006 BARC was requested to respond by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for a missing child in PA.  NCMEC's Team Adam experts had been on scene during the ongoing search.  Earlier on the 17th, significant clues had been discovered in this tragic case helping authorities narrow down the massive search area.  Canines Alley and Red indicated on a suspected site, aiding authorities to the missing child's location.

  29. "Dog Heroes of September 11th" by Nona Kilgore Bauer debuts with over 200 photo's of dogs who responded to the terrorist attacks and their stories.  Three of BARC's canines are included in the heartfelt commemorative edition - Alley, Cassy, and Red. 

  30. Red was shown working Bay St. Louis, MS Katrina damaged areas in the May/June 2006 "Just Labs" magazine (pics on contents page and page 23).  Dog_Fancy_9-07.pdf

  31. On August 2, 2005 BARC responded to a water search on Broadford Lake resulting in BARC's canines Alley and Red both indicating on the location of the missing man, which allowed Maryland Natural Park Police divers to make the recovery the next morning.

  32. June 2, 2005: BARC assists LaSAR on a house fire search

  33. March 15, 2005:  Several BARC members respond to the KlassKids Search Center's search for a missing SC woman.

  34. February 7, 2005: 

  35. Three of BARC's handlers with their canines respond to a search for additional human remains along the C&O Canal in DC.  Several news channels showed clips of the BARC team members and canines searching and at base.  DC area channel 7, ABC WJLA, interviewed Chris Hardy briefly as he emerged from the woods.

  36. January 12, 2005:  Three of BARC's handlers with their canines respond to a water search for a missing helicopter pilot.   Maryland State Police tell reporters that BARC's canine Alley lead them to the location of the missing pilot.  (Footage of CBS Channel 9 news)

  37. December 8, 2004: a BARC member travels to Louisiana and Mississippi for a series of searches.   (Neshoba Democrat article)

  38. March 13, 2004: BARC is part of a Greenville MS article about dogs being used for archeological work in locating pre-historic grave sites.

  39. November 23, 2003: Alley is shown on local news while working the water for two separate missing persons.

  40. June 18, 2003:  NBC channel 4 coverage of DC missing person search in Maryland showed Alley and her handler being assigned a task at base, then entering the field to search.  This search was widely covered; images of command staff as well as other searchers were on TV and in the Washington Post. 

  41. May 9, 2003:  The Calvert Recorder features Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital's (MASH) grand opening that included SAR demo's by BARC and Mid-Atlantic Dogs.  The article shows a canine using MASH's underwater treadmill under physical therapist Amie Hesback's guidance. 

    1. MASH_Open_House.pdf

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