Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) is a volunteer canine search and recovery organization dedicated to providing agencies with with highly trained canines and handlers to assist in the recovery of missing persons.



Past Seminars Pictures:

  1. Cadaver Dog 2: Crime Scenes Seminar March 2012 Picture Album 1 and Picture Album 2

  2. ESH Advanced HRD Workshop March 2011

  3. ESH Advanced HRD Workshop March 2010

  4. ESH Advanced HRD Workshop Oct 2010

  5. U-Tube Video of Instructor Heather Roche's HRD canine 'Red' working a few building problems at the 2009 ARDA National Training Weekend showing a class participant the automatic down indication (using a clicker).  Video taken by ARDA handler, Autumn Manka Oct 2009

  6.    Pictures of the 2008 Fall HRD Seminar - searching old cemeteries: 


March 2012

BARC is hosting a “Cadaver Dog II: Assisting in Locating Crime Scene Evidence via K9 Detection” Seminar March 3-4, 2012.  Retired Washington D.C. Metropolitan PD K9 Officer and Instructor, Jim Lugaila will focus on using cadaver dogs to locate crime scenes and resulting evidence in a variety of settings (buildings, woods, parking lots, & vehicles).  This seminar is for advanced level dogs with a consistent trained final response and some knowledge of basic detailing areas for evidence.  This seminar is free of charge to handlers thanks to the AKC CAR grant received in 2011

Fall 2011 Workshop Date - Maine Oct 2011

BARC is hosting a 3-day HRD Building Workshop
March 25-27th, 2011
in Williamsburg, VA.

"Advanced HRD Building Search Essentials"

Bay Area Recovery Canines is proud to host an Advanced level 3-day HRD Building Search Essentials Workshop in beautiful & historic Williamsburg, VA March 25-27th, 2011 at Eastern State Hospital (ESH).  (Dogs must be able to search independently and have a trained indication as the problems will be intermediate to advanced level.)                                                      

The workshop, “Advanced HRD Building Search Essentials”, will primarily focus on building searches utilizing the three large ESH buildings once used as geriatric wards.  There will also be opportunity to work additional problems in a variety of settings on the property to minimize downtime for students. 

There will be a large variety of training aids spreading across the full spectrum from Pre-historic bones to fresh, large & ‘complete’ sources to small evidence, and everything in-between, including non-typically used HR sources.

Class will be informal and adjusted to the levels of the dogs and handlers. They will be exposed to scenarios that while they may not be ready to work blind with trained indications, expectations will be lowered so the handler can learn to read their dog in the more advanced problems and expose the dog to new situations and sources. All problems will be set up and worked in a manner to be a positive experience for both the dog and handler. Handlers will have a choice to work each of the scenarios blind or known, and will be encouraged to watch the other dogs work.

ESH Training Facilities include: 3 large single story buildings (100,000+ sq. ft.) left ‘as-is’ following the geriatric facility move elsewhere on the property.  Equipment, furniture, accessories, etc were left in place.  The buildings and unit wings are in various conditions, and include open patient wards as well as closed utility & office areas.  There are also smaller structures and periodically heavy equipment nearby to work as well as fields and approximately 50 acres of woods and trails.  

Host Hotel: Americas Best Value Inn, 119 Bypass Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185 (10 minutes from the training site). 
Contact Information:  Ph: 800-283-1663 or 757-253-1663

Meals: Both fast food and restaurant style eateries are located within a ten (10) minute drive of the training site.  The hotel provides a continental breakfast and there are several restaurants within walking distance.

Workshop Fee: $250 per handler with one dog.  Workshop limited to five dogs.


Feedback from past participants:

”Zildjian and I had an awesome time!  What a great experience!  I have a list of things that I learned this weekend, and being able to work Z on new sources and increase his source recognition spectrum is a phenomenal opportunity.  The fact that it was all building searches (which are impossible for me to find to train in) was icing on the cake.  Hopefully when we return in May I'll really be able to challenge myself and what I learned this time around and build on that.  Maybe I'll even learn to trust my dog :-) .

You guys did an excellent job setting up scenarios.  They were challenging (I'm thinking Bob's room from hell), yet realistic.  I truly appreciate the thought and effort that went into the entire weekend!

Oh, and Zildjian enjoyed the agility set up also.


Mason-Dixon Rescue Dogs”


“I want to thank you and everyone for last weeks unbelievable workshop. All of you guys did a great job setting up this event. The hotel was very clean and comfortable. The training site was exceptional. The training aids were placed with perfect attention to detail and scenario. You guys all put so much thought and care into presenting a workshop that was an exceptional learning environment as well as a darn good time.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was a great group of talented people to work with. I think 3 days dedicated to training is just right.

I have nothing negative I can say, I'm glad I came. I'd like to attend more of your workshops when you are having them.

Chuck Wooters

Search & Rescue Dogs of PA”


“I would like to personally thank each of you for always going above and beyond the call of duty to put on a phenomenal workshop.  I always come away learning so much.  I particularly loved the painted drywall, high and buried finds.  By the end of the workshop Miko was looking up so much more than he did when we started.  We still have some work to do with painted and buried but practice will take care of that.  I have gained increased confidence in trusting my dog and developing search strategy based on scent conditions. 

I can only imagine how exhausting it is to work with each team as we walked through all of the areas.  I am so grateful that you do as it is very important for me to get feedback, whether good or bad, from the instructors.  The size of the workshop was great too!

Please pass on my thanks to Bob as well.  He is truly an asset to your organization and is always willing to help out with anything, no questions asked. 

I can’t wait for the Spring workshop!  Hint, hint. 

Thank You,

Sharon Ballweg”