Bay Area Recovery Canines (BARC) is a volunteer canine search and recovery organization dedicated to providing agencies with with highly trained canines and handlers to assist in the recovery of missing persons.


We would like to thank the following sponsors and supporters for donating cash or equipment to support our volunteer search and rescue/recovery efforts: 

  1.   All the individuals who have donated cash at events or sent check donations to BARC

  2.   AKC Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) Canine Support & Relief Fund provided a generous check for needed equipment and educational opportunities such as attendance at national seminars and certification tests. Check out some of the donated equipment in use...

  3.   LaSAR generously donated much needed radios

  4.   Additional radios donated by a local fire department as well as their expertise to program all the radios to SAR channels.

  5.   The Land of Pure Gold Foundation dedicated a page to Alley after awarding her a generous treatment grant to help with her medical bills. 

  6.   Search and Rescue Assist - Thank you SARA for providing teams with a fantastic training site which includes rubble piles and an agility course

  7.   Reflective Plate - Artwerkz: graphics, stickers, reflective materials, patches, etc

  8.   The Hungry Puppy (Farmingdale, NJ) supports BARC through a monetary donation as well as offering to help with a future fundraising opportunity at their NJ store location.  Please visit their store or shop online for pet foods and supplies for all animals small or large.  

  9.   Tracker Boats at the Bass Pro Shops in Arundel Mills Mall (MD) - thanks to the Tracker Boat staff and the boat manager's help, BARC was able to obtain our new Grizzly 1648 jon boat for water trainings and search responses.  Many individuals donated to BARC this past year for us to be able to meet this critical equipment need and Tracker's assistance made it a reality. 

  10.   Brick Town Veterinary Hospital donated veterinary health care products & supplies to the BARC canines.   

  11.   We want to thank Peggy Johnson, author of the Annapolis Capital's Dog's World, for her support of BARC as well as her dedication to educating dog owners.

  12.   The Goddard School in Hanover, MD for their generous donation.

  13. Pet for their generous donation of treats for seminar participants

  14. Anne Arundel County Fire Department for their support of our water training equipment

  15. Thank you to the staff at Eastern State Hospital (ESH) in Williamsburg, VA that support our training & workshops held there

  16. Tiana Guinard, a licensed animal acupuncturist in MD, gives BARC K9s discounted treatments helping them feel good to work & play (410-279-8792)

  17. The Sence Foundation generously donated funds to be used for training opportunities and obtaining updated Garmin GPS Astro units to track the dogs and handlers while they search.

  18. New Mexico artist, Frank Fell who painted several of the remaining 9-11 SAR dogs portraits, including BARC’s K9 Red.  More of Frank’s art is shown at his website at


We also need volunteers willing to help us with services or expertise (consulting) to support the organization's mission.  If you can spare a few hours helping with...

  1.  grant writing or general fundraising efforts such as contacting companies for donations

  2.  accounting & tax issues & compliance (form filings such as the state personal property form)

  3.  government paper work (IRS & state filings)

  4.  legal services, law issues & consulting

  5.  veterinary services or supplies (to defer handler expenses)

  6.  marketing skills

We would greatly appreciate any and all help in these areas as our members are dedicated dog handlers who do not have such expertise and must rely on additional resources.  As a 501c3 organization, all time and materials may be considered tax-deductible donations. 

...We could always use businesses or clubs wishing to help by...

  1.  donating printing services

  2.  stores willing to place a donation jar on the counter

  3.  event sponsors willing to collect donations on behalf of BARC

...or if you have property we can use for training as SAR canines need to train in a variety of locations and situations such as...

  1.  woods/wilderness areas

  2.  farms

  3.  industrial parks

  4.  new or old buildings

  5.  warehouses

  6.  recycling facilities or auto parts facilities

  7.  concrete or mill facilities

  8.  camp grounds

  9.  or other vacant land/property

We also have a Wish List of items needed to support BARC's mission:

  1.  Jon boat for water trainings - Thank you to all who helped us raise the money to purchase our new Tracker Grizzly jon boat! 

  2.  extreme weather gear for rain - Thank you AKC CAR!

  3.  extreme weather gear for cold

  4.  Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs or Life Vests) - Thank you AKC CAR!

  5.  Garmin Astro gps units to track the dogs' paths while on missions to include in search reports for the agencies - Thank you AKC CAR!

  6.  Professional display board for demonstrations and public education events - Thank you AKC CAR!

  7.  Graphic lettering for BARC's new jon boat

  8.  GPS units & topo software

  9.  new communication radios (FCC is requiring Public Safety organizations to change to high band frequencies making our existing radios non-compliant)

  10.  easy up portable tent/shelter